Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thing 9 Facebook cont

I've found many groups to join and love finding new ones that tell a little bit about me. I adore "Flair" and find it a fun way to express yourself. I am addicted to the quizzes and love seeing how my family and friends scored on the same ones I've taken. I was a sucker for the quizzes in the magazines and facebook is no different.

It's amazing how many of my cousins children have their own facebook accounts and are active in posting. These types of technology have always been a part of their world and not using it is unthinkable. Recently, a friend's daughter was visiting and asked if I had any gaming systems to play. When I told her no, but that I had a Connect Four game, she asked if it was for the wii. I told her it came in a box and she responded, "Oh you mean from like the 1900's!" I was a little taken aback but realized how her point of view demonstrated the need for libraries to remain ahead of the curve in embracing technology if we want to speak to the younger generations in their own language. I hate to think that children and teens are thinking of libraries as something from the 1900's!

Thing 8 Facebook

My family has been trying to get me on facebook for months. Last month, I gave in and signed up and now I'm kinda addicted. Not only have I reconnected with family located all over the US, but I've found a few friends that I'd lost touch with. I have also been "friended" by some incredible children's authors...Jane Yolen, Bruce Coville, Doug Cushman, Meg Cabot, Eric Kimmel, and Jan Peck; to name just a few. I love reading their posts about the writing process and the glimpses into their lives as individuals.

I set up several files for my friends; family, work friends, favorite authors, high school alum, and friends. It makes it easy to keep in touch with new postings at the click of a button. Last year, my Dad passed away from brain cancer. I felt so alone with my family spread out all over. Being able to stay in touch even though everyone is so far and busy, is priceless.

Thing 7 RSS Feeds

I wondered what those RSS buttons did and now I can use them to keep update on my favorite websites, blogs, and wikis. I used to spend so much time going from website to website just to see what was new and now with the click of the RSS feed button, I am automatically updated.

Thing 6 Blog Readers

I have been missing so much but no longer, now that I know about the blog readers! I was amazed at how easy it was to add subscriptions to my Google reader. I wasn't able to create the folders but will try on a different computer. I can't wait to read all of the great blogs I found while browsing for stuff. I tried to create the folders to organize my subscriptions but couldn't. I will try again on a different computer.

I never paid much attention to blogs previously. I created a blog for a few of my graduate classes to post my assignments but never explored the full potential before. I was surprised at the wide range of topics available and look forward to begin reaqding updates via my blog reader. So much easier than receiving tons of email waiting in my inbox. I usually ended up deleting much of it without reading the emails.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thing 5 Image Generators

The image generators at Big Huge Labs are very easy to use and alot of fun to create.

The magazine cover is so different and great to use to create thank you cards for volunteers.

Warholizer is awesome! I tried a childhhood photo of mine and the results were great.
I can't wait to try more photos. These image generators are fantastic.
I am bookmarking these websites on my personal computer under my new file: web 2.0
I don't want to forget anything as we progress through the 23 things!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thing 4 More Flickr

I love to spell with Flickr! What a neat feature...I could not stop.
I used to wonder how people added such interesting images and now I know their secret.
Being a scrapbooker, I can spell with FlickR to create great layouts and increase my creativity. I can't wait till I host another scrapbooking event at the library and share the creative options available on FlickR.

Another application in the library that could utilize FlickR applies to students working on their projects. Spelling with FlickR would allow students to move beyond "copy and paste"

Using FlickR to create fliers and rave cards will open up another eye-catching way to publicize library events.

Thing 3 Flickr

Just for fun, I entered my name as a search and found 1, 154 hits that contained either cheryl or thomas. I was interested to see how many other Cheryl Thomas' there are out there. I searched Fort Worth Library next and found some wonderful photos taken around 1940 showing the war effort and women building aircraft at the Consolated Aircraft Plant in FW, courtesy of the Library of Congress. I also foudn photos of Fort Worth Libraries.

I created an account and uploaded two photos of my cat. It was very easy to upload and fun to label the photos. The link to my photostream is http://www.flickr.com/photos/17521798@N05/

How fun is the "interestingness" search!